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V-1 Operation Manual for Remote Control Automatic Garage Door Opener

I Survey
Automatic garage door opener is a product developed and designed by ourselves, gathering merits of products of the same kind of domestic and oversea producers.Opener is controlled by wireless digital encrypted and microcomputer. Its dragging facilities are composed of DC motor, chain drive set and inner charging set, which ensure normal functions in power cut. This product is well-shaped, with simple installation, convenient operation, flexible running, low noise, durable and can be widely used in enterprise or family garages of all kinds
II Technical Parameters
1、 Current and Voltage: AC 220V
2、 Full Power: 50W\80W
3、 Charging Set: two 12V accumulator jars
4、 Moving Speed: 12m/min
5、 Lighting Power: 25W
6、 Telecontrol Distance: −30-50m
III Basic Functions
1、 Telecontrol Operation: garage door opening, closing and shutting
2、 Single Key Operation: order as opening-shutting-closing-shutting-opening
3、 Manual Operation: operate by hand after disentangling the clutch
4、 Charging Set: Automatically switch to accumulator power supply in power cut. And the yellow lamp in the working control board is lighting. (Continuous operation should not be more than 5 times then).
Once voltage of charging set is lower than normal working voltage, red lamp in the control board turns on and charging set cuts off power supply.
5、 Upper and Lower Limit Set: door can be stopped at the specified position.
6、 Safety Backtracking Function: opener will be automatically shut when door encounters obstacles in the course of door closing, door backtracking to its former place.
7、 Lift Force Adjusting: lift force adjusting function is set. Once surpassed during its performance, system will automatically shut power supply for the motor and the key circuit to ensure the opener will not be damaged.
8、 Lights in the opener will automatically turn on when opening the door, and go out after 3 minute's prolonging.

IV Opener Adjustment
1、 Upper and lower limit adjustment
push opening key, adjust opener upper limit screw to change the opening position.
push closing key, adjust lower limit screw to change closing position.
2、 Lift Force Adjustment
Lift force is set when opener leaves the factory. But if the user cannot get used to it, he can increase it by turning the potentiometer clockwise, vice versa.
3、 Backtracking Sensibility Adjustment.
Place a wood block of 50mm thickness or other articles under the garage door and close the door. When the door touches this article, it will stop by itself and move back to its former place. If this test fails, turn backtracking sensibility potentiometer anticlockwise. Repeat adjustment until get the best result.
4、Make sure emitter dialing switch in the remote controller is set conformably with that of control board. Locking circuit is set inside the emitter. Once locking button pushed, remote controller then will lose its functions. To unlock it, please push stop key.



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